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Noise Protection – our passion!

Noise protectionalong roads

according to ZTV-LSW 06

Our highly absorbing noise barriers made of aluminium are used where traffic noise has become a nagging nuisance. The space-saving structures may be painted in different colour designs or covered with plants to make them fit best in the surrounding area... [more]

Noise protectionalong railway lines

according to RIL 804.5501

While still being the most environmentally friendly means of transport, the railway is also a source of noise in everyday life. The rolling of the wheels on the tracks, the driving noise of engines and fans are often perceived as stressful by residents... [more]

Mobile noise barriers


Our mobile systems are available in different heights and any length. The significant advantage of both NoiseGard systems is that they do not require a
foundation... [more]

This is too noisy!

Our noise barriers silence your place.

We offer integrated solutions from planning through to turnkey implementation

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