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Noise protection

Mobility and transport are cornerstones of our society. The downside, however, is increased noise exposure for residents near busy highways and train routes.

Bongard & Lind's high-quality noise protection barriers effectively reduce decibel levels and ensure high sound insulation. We provide you effective protection for a better quality of life and compliance with legal noise regulations.

Noise protection and sound protection barriers for all areas of application

With over 30 years of experience in the field of noise protection, we are prepared for all possible scenarios.

This enables us to offer you special noise protection barriers in different designs for different application areas. This way you always get the best possible result.

The complete service for noise and sound protection

From consulting to planning and implementation – we are at your side as a competent partner with advice and action. We work throughout Europe and produce noise barriers in-house, which are specifically tailor-made and installed for your construction site by our assembly teams. Naturally, we take into account the applicable technical standards and legal regulations. Benefit from our complete service for sound insulation!

Noise barriers made of aluminium as cassettes or frame systems

In our in-house production, we use aluminium and transparent materials such as acrylic glass to produce custom sound barriers. Through this diversity we can always respond to your ideas and needs.

There are also many possibilities in terms of design. From motifs to a choice of colours to trellis systems and custom-shaped designs, we implement your noise protection in a visually appealing way. Whether you are looking for the most unobtrusive a noise protection possible or a visual highlight – we offer you a wide range of noise protection barriers made of aluminium.

Noise barriers for railway lines, roads, motorways and more

From railway lines through motorways to residential areas – we challenge ourselves to tailor noise protection to the application area in question. We specialise in small and large projects across Europe, on railway lines, heavily used roads such as motorways, and bridges. We are also available to support your needs and specific applications.

Customer advice and offers for interested parties

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Calculation & Customer advice

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