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Aluminium noise protection elements

Our aluminium noise protection systems are ideally suited for use on roads, railway lines, airports and next to other sound sources. In addition to open-air applications, they are also used on bridges, support structures or as sound-absorbing cladding on reflective surfaces due to their low weight.

Whether noise protection cassettes or aluminium frame systems – at Bongard & Lind you your noise protection barrier will be made of aluminium.

Versatile noise protection elements made of aluminium

In addition, you can get matching trellis systems as well as service doors and gates. All in all, aluminium can be used flexibly in sound insulation – and is therefore our material of choice.

Aluminium is used in various forms in our noise barriers. We use it to manufacture noise protection cassettes, large-area elements and absorbing barrier coverings. We also use it for frame systems with transparent elements made of acrylic glass.

Excellent corrosion-resistance

Long service life with low maintenance costs

Excellent sound insulation properties

Low weight per unit area

Flexible application options

A variety of design possibilities

Noise barriers made of aluminium: our various designs

Noise protection cassettes made of aluminium

We always adapt our aluminium noise protection cassettes to your needs. Depending on the requirements, we produce them in a reflective, one-sided or two-sided highly absorbing design.

The noise protection cassettes can be positioned horizontally, vertically or in other mounting designs within a composite system without visible rivets, clamps or screws. On the perforated side, an optimum distance from the outside protects the inner sound-absorbing insulation mats from weather and dust ingress.

We design exactly according to your needs. You can choose from any RAL colour and implement your custom design, from patterns to motif designs. We can also offer you custom-formed sheet metal for the noise protection elements according to your specific wishes. Various bead structures as well as smooth or corrugated sheets are possible. We can advise you!

Transparent elements with aluminium frames

Our aluminium noise barriers can be fitted with an acrylic glass insert. This combination of acrylic glass and an aluminium frame is characterised by a low weight and high levels of noise protection. At the same time, the transparent elements provide views where appropriate and allow sufficient light through, which can be important, for example, at stations and along roads.

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