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Aluminium noise protection elements

Bongard & Lind - Aluminium noise protection systems are designed for use as structural noise protection systems along streets, railways, airports or other noise sources. They are suitable for outdoor use and because they are very lightweight ideal for bridges, supporting structures, or as noise absorbing cladding on reflective surfaces.

Bongard & Lind – noise protection elements are manufactured depending on requirements in reflecting, single-sided or double-sided high-absorbing variants. The seawater-resistant aluminium alloy single element guarantees high corrosion resistance even in the absence of surface coating and thereby ensures long durability.

The aluminium elements can be laid as required, horizontally, vertically or in another installation shape. The cassette-form individual parts are connected by a simple connecting system without the need for rivets, brackets or bolts. A tongue and groove system ensures precise fitting and excellent noise protection. The internal sound-absorbing insulation mats are at an optimal distance from the exterior on the holed side, protecting them against the weather and dust.

Aluminium parts

  • Sound cassettes
  • Large area elements
  • Absorbant wall cladding
  • Aluminium glass frame systems
  • Aluminium acrylic frame systems
  • Climbing systems
  • Service doors and gates