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Mobile noise barriers

There are many situations where temporary noise protection is needed. For all these cases, we have developed our mobile noise barriers NoiseGuard professional and NoiseGuard light.

These flexible systems are suitable for a wide range of applications due to their noise protection properties and their simple design.

Noise protection for outdoor installations

Noise protection for construction sites

Noise protection for construction sites

Events and concerts

Events and concerts

Private applications

Private applications

NoiseGuard professional

NoiseGuard professional is the powerful, mobile noise protection system: The construction of these mobile soundproofing walls is particularly suitable for temporary enclosures of machines and drilling rigs. The NoiseGuard professional system is also frequently used in inner city buildings.

Noise pollution caused by new buildings, renovations or demolitions in densely built-up areas can be significantly reduced with the help of the mobile noise protection wall. In addition, the noise protection walls of this type can be used at noise-intensive events such as sports events or concerts.

In addition to noise reduction, there are also useful side effects in individual enclosures of industrial outdoor installations, which are generally used to optimise environmental and occupational safety. For example, wind forces that act on a drilling tower can be attenuated or the outside world can be effectively sealed off under confidentiality conditions.

A significant advantage of NoiseGard professional is the elimination of any foundation, so that no consideration has to be given to underground cables, drainage channels etc.

The system can be planned at different heights. Due to the flexible length of the mobile noise protection wall, industrial installations or events can be completely rebuilt. Matching gate systems, entrances and escape routes are manufactured according to the needs.

Upon request, we are happy to implement individual requirements for acoustic or optical properties. It is also possible to rent or buy the system depending on the version.

NoiseGuard light

The product line NoiseGard light for sound insulation developed by Bongard & Lind is the mobile soundproofing wall for the private sector. Despite its lightweight and flexible construction, it can meet professional acoustic and static requirements and is also an effective visual protection.

NoiseGuard light is particularly used in the private sector, e. g. in the demarcation of gardens, streets or roof terraces. In addition, the system can be used in restaurants, commercial yards, workshops as well as for the housing of pumps.

The mobile soundproofing wall is also used in municipal areas to enclose garbage sites and as noise protection at festivals and sports events.

Your complete service for mobile noise and sound insulation

We are always at your side with advice and assistance. Together we assess your requirements and then recommend the appropriate NoiseGuard product. Whether buying or renting – we create a tailor-made offer for you. We would be happy to support you in setting up the mobile noise protection system. Just get in touch with us