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Noise protection along railway lines

The noise from rail transport can quickly become a burden for residents. Heavily travelled railway lines with long-distance and freight trains in particular cause significant noise pollution. This makes it all the more important to protect the environment and local residents.

That is why there is the Traffic Noise Protection Ordinance, which, depending on the area, imposes noise protection requirements with barriers along railway lines. We will help you find the right noise barrier for your project!

That is why noise protection in rail transport is particularly important

The regions surrounding rail transport are often exposed to noise. The level of this burden is affected by various factors: The number and type of rail vehicles, their speed, the exact type of track and the distance to the surrounding buildings are just a few parameters.

In order to relieve the burden on residents, the pollution limits laid down in the Traffic Noise Protection Ordinance must be complied with when new railway lines and essential track changes are implemented.

This means that, depending on the area category, certain decibel limits must not be exceeded. If an exceedance is identified during measurements, appropriate noise protection measures such as the installation of noise barriers are legally required.

Noise emission limits in dB (A)

Area category


(6:00 to 22:00)


(22:00 to 6:00)

near hospitals, schools, health care centres and old people's homes 57 dB 47 dB
in general residential areas and small settlement areas 59 dB 49 dB
in urban centres, villages and mixed areas 64 dB 54 dB
in commercial areas 69 dB 59 dB

However, this regulation does not apply to existing rail transport. In order to improve the noise situation in this area as well, the voluntary programme "Noise remediation on existing railway tracks" has been in place since 1999. This noise remediation programme is intended to further relieve the burden on towns, communities and residents and to provide an incentive for more noise protection.

The correct noise protection plays an important role in the area of rail transport, both in the construction of new buildings and in renovation. Accordingly, you should include appropriate noise protection measures in your planning at an early stage.

The effect of noise barriers on railway lines

No noise protection

With noise protection

A noise barrier performs a shielding function. It is placed close to a source of noise and prevents the sound from spreading to the regions behind it. Overall, this can reduce noise by up to 20 decibels, which can have a significant impact on the noise level.

The effectiveness of a noise barrier in rail transport depends on factors such as height, structure and distance to the tracks.

It also makes a difference whether only low-speed regional trains run on the rails, or whether long-distance or freight transport is also present. Overall, noise barriers are the proven method of significantly reducing noise pollution around railway lines.

Noise barriers for railway tracks made of aluminium and acrylic glass

Noise barriers from Bongard & Lind are manufactured in aluminium and optionally acrylic glass. It is your choice whether the railway line is completely shielded by noise protection cassettes or whether transparent noise protection elements made of acrylic glass provide a view of the surroundings.

To ensure that the sound protection fits into the environment in the best possible way, we offer you various options for design, such as colours, shapes and motifs. Since we manufacture all the elements in our in-house production facilities, we can guarantee the highest quality. We will help you to find the right noise protection barrier!

Type A3-e (DB-95)

Aluminium sound panels
single-sided highly absorbent

Type A3-b (DB-95)

Aluminium sound panels
double-sided highly absorbent

Type A3-e (DB-95-L)

Aluminium sound panels
single-sided highly absorbent

Type A3-b (DB-95-L)

Aluminium sound panels
double-sided highly absorbent

Type A3-r (DB-95-L)

Aluminium sound panels
glare and sight protection reflective

Type A3-e (DB-88)

Aluminium sound panels
single-sided highly absorbent

Type A3-r (DB-88)

Aluminium sound panels
glare and sight protection reflective

Type T15

Transparent noise protection system
with aluminium frame

The complete service for noise and sound protection on railway lines & tracks

We know about noise! Our experts can provide you with specific advice on your project in the rail transport sector. We offer you the appropriate noise protection solution to ensure that you comply with the specified emission limits without any problems.

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