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Transparent noise barriers made of acrylic glass

Transparent noise protection elements are required wherever views into the environment are particularly important and where noise protection structures severely restrict visual freedom. Bongard & Lind GmbH & Co. KG manufactures and creates transparent noise barriers. The advantages of light aluminium frame systems are usually used in conjunction with transparent materials

Transparent noise protection elements are used everywhere where the views of the surrounding area along railway lines or roads for example are particularly important. At the same time, they are translucent and thus ensure that visual space is not compromised.

At Bongard & Lind you get custom-manufactured transparent noise barriers that fit exactly to your application!

Transparent noise barriers made of durable acrylic glass and aluminium

In our in-house production we manufacture transparent noise protection elements made of acrylic glass. We use this because it is particularly robust and shatterproof. At the same time, it has impressively high light transmission and UV stability. The acrylic glass elements are optionally mounted in combination with aluminium noise protection cassettes. The steel frame offers additional strength and design options, as it is available in different shapes and colours. At Bongard & Lind you will receive a noise barrier exactly according to your wishes!

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The advantages of transparent noise barriers with acrylic glass


No visual impairment, clear view

Robust materials: Acrylic glass, aluminium and steel

Excellent sound insulation properties

Low weight per unit area

Flexible application options

Transparent noise barriers: our various designs

Acrylic glass

Our transparent noise protection elements are made entirely of acrylic glass. In our frameless system, the acrylic glass surfaces are self-supporting. This ensures a particularly open design that allows plenty of light to pass through and fits seamlessly within the environment.

In the production process, we take into account your individual requirements for the transparent noise protection barriers. Factors such as height, width and thickness of the acrylic glass can be easily adapted to your project.

Acrylic glass with aluminium frame

Transparent noise barriers made of acrylic glass are often fitted with an aluminium frame. This combination is characterised by a low weight and high levels of noise protection. At the same time, views are enabled where necessary and sufficient light passes through.

The full range of RAL colours is available for your design. The sizes of the acrylic glass surfaces can be individually adapted to your project within the framework system. If desired, we can create the frame system bent upwards. In this way, you will not only receive a wall made of aluminium and transparent elements, but also a visually appealing and appropriate noise barrier.