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Our service

Around the theme of noise barriers, we offer a package of decades of experience, highest-quality product development and professional project management.

  • Already in the research & development, we can respond to our customers' needs and market requirements. In order to minimize quality-related risks from the outset, we apply stringent quality standards from the research and development stageonwards, and when selecting our suppliers.
  • On top of all projects is a detailed and careful consultating and planning. Here we lay the basis for success.
  • In the production of our members, we do not compromise on German quality by trained staff. In building construction there are no limits with us.
  • We will then process the next step to complete the construction on site.
  • Even after warranty end, we support our projects and maintenance of fast and efficient completion of repairs.

Consulting and Planning


We understand turnkey noise as comprehensive project management through to implementation on site. A one-stop ser­vice!

Besides the classical application areas along roads and railways, see our noise protection elements both in private applications as well as a mobile version for temporary use.


Residential noise control

Active against noise!
As one of Germany's leading manufacturers, we support you from the beginning and provide you solutions according to your personal needs efficient solutions.

More information on our temporary noise barriers can be found here.