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Production and Design

Comprehensive production of all components


We develop high-quality and customised quality solutions for you.

We produce on-site with our own capacities all noise protection systems and elements, as well as custom-built and special solutions.

Innovation is central to our daily work. We are continually developing our products to make them even better for you. Direct on-site production allows our engineers to influence development at all times. That ensures that we can respond quickly to your individual requirements profile.


Varieties of design

  • By coloring, the walls either can be embedded in an natural environment or create a special design corresponding to the location or region. This simple and cost-effective way of design offers endless possibilities. Both RAL and special colors in NCS are possible.
  • Scene painting can also address the merger with the nature and connects the walls harmoniously and playful with their surroundings.
  • The combination of aluminum elements and transparent modules breaks monotonous installations.
  • Wall systems in sloped design are an frequently applied as a design element, because they also become more efficient in the sound insulation.
  • Our trellis systems are particularly suitable for greenery which should be adapted to the landscape.

Colour design


Scene Painting





Sloped Design


trellis system


Trellis System (Still empty)