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Research and Development

Decades of research and development work have Bongard & Lind become one of the the leader in outdoor noise protection. The quality of our products has the highest priority for us. In addition to regular internal quality controls we have our products and solutions as certified by independent institutes. The result is high-tech noise protection systems that provide superior sound proofing. To minimize quality-related risks from the outset, we set demanding quality standards already in the R&D and in supplier selection.

Test site

As part of research and development, we test our systems on the factory test stand nearby our Headquarters. The tests are carried out in cooperation and under strict control of certified institutions.

Absorbing systems

Noise protection walls for road and railways are made of aluminum and meet all requirements in accordance to ZTV-LSW 06, EN 1793 1-3 and EN 1794 1-2, ZTV-ING, DIN 18800 Part 7, EN 1090-2 / 3 and DB RIL 804.5501: v = 300 km / h. The ground-level element is usually made of concrete. With a sound insulation of DLR = 25 dB, our noise barriers are classified in the highest category B 3 according to Table A1 EN 1793 2. The airborne sound absorption DLa is 12 dB; therefore the elements can be classified in absorber group A 4 (i.e. highly absorbent).