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Active against noise

Residential noise control

This is too noisy!

Our noise barriers silence you place.

Noise affects our wellbeing and is the cause of many illnesses. The physical and psychological effects of noise pollution are diverse.
The longer and more frequent the exposure to noise pollution, the less chance your sensitive hearing system has to rest. 
This can result in serious illnesses.

If noise is caused for example by

  • noise sources in the neighbourhood
  • noise pollution from the surrounding area, from streets, railways and air transport
  • Industrial and commercial activities (including catering, arrivals and departures, …)
  • Recreational facilities

then private households, companies or societies are sometimes asked to tackle the noise problem.
We offer you comprehensive advice about active noise protection and we realise turnkey projects with you.

As a leading nationwide manufacturer we will assist you from the outset and develop efficient solutions to meet your needs.

Please contact us, if you have any further questions.
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