Production & Design

Comprehensive production of all components

We develop high-quality and customised quality solutions for you directly on site.

We produce all noise protection systems and elements, as well as customised products and special solutions, directly on site with our own capacities.

Innovation is part of our daily business. We are constantly developing our products to make them even better for you. By producing directly on site, our engineers can influence further development themselves at any time. This ensures that we can quickly adapt to your customised requirement profiles at any time.

Design options

  • Colour schemes can be used to either integrate the walls more harmoniously into the natural surroundings or create special design references to the client or the region in question. This simple and most cost-effective type of design offers endless possibilities. Both RAL and special colours in NCS are possible.
  • Painting motifs can also thematise the fusion with nature and connect the systems harmoniously or playfully with their surroundings.
  • The combination of aluminium elements and transparent modules breaks up the look - a design element often used at railway stations.
  • Wall systems with an angled design are a frequently used design feature, as they are also more efficient in terms of sound insulation.
  • Alternatively, systems with customised trellis systems can blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

Colour design

Theme painting


Folded version

Tendril systems (unplanted)