Resident noise protection

Active against noise

Our noise barriers ensure more peace and quiet. From planning to turnkey implementation, we offer you complete solutions.


Noise impairs our well-being and is the cause of many illnesses. The psychological and physical consequences of noise pollution are manifold. The longer the exposure to loud noises lasts and the more frequently it occurs, the less the sensitive hearing system can recover. Serious illnesses can be the result.

For example, if the noise is caused by

  • Noise sources in the neighbourhood
  • Neighbouring pollution from road, rail and air traffic
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises (e.g. catering, entrances and exits, ...)
  • Leisure facilities

private households, companies or associations are sometimes called upon to take the initiative to curb the noise problem.

We provide you with comprehensive advice in the field of active noise protection and work with you to realise turnkey projects.

As one of Germany's leading manufacturers, we support you right from the start and develop efficient solutions based on your needs.