Contact protection systems

There is always a potential danger in the form of electric shocks from overhead transport lines. These can be life-threatening. It is therefore a legal requirement to install suitable protection in places where there is a risk of contact, such as road or pedestrian bridges. 

Bongard & Lind helps you to secure sources of danger and supplies you with customised contact protection systems that comply with all legal requirements - and ensure the necessary safety!

Protection against electric shock from overhead lines in accordance with RIZ Elt 2

According to RIZ Elt 2, suitable contact protection is required wherever crossing road or pedestrian bridges meet overhead lines. To ensure the necessary protection against electric shocks from the active parts of the overhead lines, a protection system must be installed there.

It is therefore important for your project that you check the need for such protective measures in advance - and act accordingly. This is usually the case in connection with railways, guided urban transport systems such as trams, elevated and underground railways and mountain railways. In order to fulfil these requirements, we offer touch protection systems that comply with DIN EN 50122-1:2011-09.

Versatile contact protection systems for level crossings and bridges

Our system consists of an aluminium construction in various RAL colours. This is fitted with a railing or continuous handrails. The glass infills are made of transparent acrylic glass in accordance with ZTV-LWS 06.

Internal stabilising threads are installed in the acrylic glass in exposed areas. In the event of damage, these prevent falling fragments that could jeopardise the overhead lines and the system. At the same time, the inlaid polyamide threads provide a visual bird protection effect.