Mobile noise barriers for construction sites, industry and more

There are many situations in which temporary noise protection is required. We have developed our NoiseGard professional and NoiseGard light mobile noise barriers for all these situations. 

These flexible systems are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to their noise protection properties and simple construction:

Noise protection for outdoor facilities
Noise protection for construction sites
Events and concerts
Private areas of application

Mobile noise barriers are mainly required for noise sources that are limited in time. This is why they are mainly used on construction sites or at events. However, mobile noise barriers are also a suitable solution for outdoor facilities, industry and private gardens thanks to their simple construction.

The right mobile sound insulation for your application

With our two product lines NoiseGard professional and NoiseGard light, we can always offer you the right protection for your area of application. We will be happy to advise you individually and assist you with your choice and implementation!

NoiseGard Professional

NoiseGard professional is the high-performance, mobile noise protection: the design of these mobile noise barriers is particularly suitable for temporary enclosures for machines and drilling rigs. The NoiseGard professional system is also frequently used for inner-city development.

Noise pollution from new construction, remodelling or demolition work in densely built-up areas can be significantly reduced with the help of the mobile noise barrier. Noise barriers of this type can also be used at noisy events such as sporting events or concerts.

Individual enclosures for outdoor industrial facilities, which generally serve to optimise environmental protection and occupational safety, also have useful side effects in addition to noise reduction. For example, wind forces acting on a drilling rig can be attenuated or the outside world can be effectively sealed off if secrecy is required.

A significant advantage of NoiseGard professional is that there is no need for any foundations, so there is no need to take underground cables, drainage channels, etc. into consideration.

The system can be planned in different heights. Due to the flexible length of the mobile noise barrier, industrial facilities or events can be completely enclosed. Suitable gate systems, entrances and escape routes are customised according to requirements.

We are happy to realise individual acoustic or visual requirements on request. It is also possible to rent or buy the system, depending on the design.

Technical details


Flexible combination

Overall height

variable (example 10 m)


designed for wind load zone IV


Sound attenuation DLR = 26 dB (Group B3)


with color coating on request, hot-dip galvanized steel


Doors and passageways

  • Electric sliding gate at least 7.50 m wide and 5.00 m high

  • Escape doors (the distance should be approx. 30 m)

The substrate is levelled on site and made load-bearing. No further foundation work is necessary!

NoiseGard light

The NoiseGard light sound insulation product line developed by Bongard & Lind is the mobile sound insulation wall for the private sector. Despite its lightweight and flexible design, it can fulfil professional acoustic and static requirements and is also an effective privacy screen.

NoiseGard light is used particularly in the private sector, e.g. for demarcating gardens, streets or roof terraces. The system can also be used in the catering industry, commercial yards, workshops and to enclose pumps.

The mobile noise barrier is also used in the municipal sector to enclose rubbish areas and as noise protection at festivals and sporting events.

Advantages of the system

  • Universally applicable, low weight & small space requirement

  • Ready for use in less than 3 minutes

  • A levelled surface that does not require any special preparation in terms of load-bearing capacity is sufficient for installation.

  • The system can be anchored or braced for higher wind loads.

The elements can be rented or purchased.


Technical details

Sound insulation


System width

up to 2,50 m

System height

up to 3,00 m

Positioning options

Individually or at any angle


No foundation required


Customised design of the surface (logo or information texts) possible.

We will be happy to prepare professional design proposals for you.