Ethical standards

We are convinced that our competitive advantage is directly linked to our integrity and the ethical principles that guide our business strategy. We uphold transparency, accountability and ethical practices in all our dealings, ensuring that our success is achieved through honest and fair means.

Your trust is paramount to us, and we are committed to nurturing a culture of integrity that upholds our mutual success and fosters a sustainable and respectful relationship among all parties involved. Get to know our ethical standards below.

Type Published  Download
Code of Conduct 06.2022 EN
Supplier Code of Conduct 06.2022 EN, DE, PL, RO, CN, CZ, FI
Anti-corruption compliance policy 06.2022 EN
Competition compliance policy 06.2022 EN
Sanctions compliance policy 06.2023 EN
Data protection policy 06.2021 EN
Procurement policy 06.2021 EN
Whistleblower policy 06.2023 EN